Cutest Furry Co-Pilot - LP (2)

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Scroll through these adorable pets and vote for the cutest trucker pet! Prizes are awarded to those with the most votes at the end of the contest. 
First Place - $200 Visa gift card and a feature story about your pet on our blog
Second Place - $100 Visa gift card
Third Place - $50 Visa gift card


*Pets are in alphabetical order by pet name. 


1. Axel & Shiloh

Axel and Shiloh are Laurie's dogs. Laurie said her dogs are her sidekicks and co-drivers!

 Shiloh &



2. Brandy

Brandy is Andy's furry co-pilot. Andy says, "She's a great listener, never complains. She is in charge of security, and she plays ball with me."





3. Chewie

Chewie is Brian's dog. Brian said, "He sits by the window and watches for me until I come back. He is truly a best friend."




4. Cooper

Cooper is Ryan's pet. Ryan said, "Cooper is a 5yr old black lab/ great dane mix that I rescued when he was 6 months old and I couldn't wait to get a job driving truck where I could take him with and now I can. He is always ready to go trucking."




5. Darbyshaw, MidKnight & Trucker

Darbyshaw, MidKnight & Trucker are James' furry friends. James said, "They are all three schipperkies, they enjoy driving down the highway and meeting new friends."





6. Journey

Summer's dog is Journey. Summer said, "She is friendly and protective at the same time. She has been my sole co-pilot since she was only 7 weeks old. At the time of this photo she was not quite a year old. She thinks she should be driving!"





7. Lady

Michael's pet is Lady. Michael said, "She's just so goofy, and she can make us laugh and smile, even on a bad day."





8. Mal mal

Caleb's dog is Mal mal. Caleb said, "We had just gotten our ac fixed after 2 weeks of it not working and couldn't find her this is what we found when we checked the sleeper."




9. Mika

Mika is Scott's furry co-pilot. Scott said she is lovable because, "She's a dog."




10. Molly

Aaron's dog is Molly. Aaron said, "She is the best truck dog."




11. Parfait

Parfait is Gloria's dog. Gloria said, "She's big, white, fluffy, affectionate, protective, and as you can see, she makes my life in the truck very, very interesting"





12. Ranger

Ranger is Tom's furry co-pilot. Tom said, "Ranger was a Rescue pup and soon after I rescued him it opened the door for the rescue organization to come into the company I work for and do rescue clinics for other drivers...."




13. Rosko

Rosko is Dustin's dog. Dustin said "[He] unconditionally loves me"




14. Scooter

Scooter is David's dog. David said, "Scooter is a great dog, she helps me keep awake on the long nights!!"





15. Tori

Stephen's dog is Tori. Laurie said, "[She's] Smart an very protective"



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